Sigarda Indonesia Second Expedition of Searching Bongpay in Semarang

Sigarda Indonesia – Liputan

The expedition to search the “Bongpay” (Chinese gravestone) in Semarang is entering its second phase on Wednesday, December 22, 2021. Sigarda Indonesia, represented by Ika Dewi and Etik Mahareni, joined the expedition by tracing the Lempongsari Hills to the Mugassari Area of Semarang, along with bongpay observers, Pippo Agosto and Bram Luska, who were conducting the systematic inventory. They were also accompanied by Pak Adi Alamsyah (head of the neighborhood unit) and Mas Singek (nick name) who assisted them during the search.

The expedition team started the trip to Lempongsari to visit Bong Kunian/Konyan, Bong Deret Tiga, Bong Kandang Ayam, Bongpay Bawah Masjid (Bong Mr. Liem and Mrs. Oei), Bongpay “Penggilesan”, as well as Bongpay Mr. Tan Hong Yang and Mrs. Liem Hing Nio. All of the bongpay are located in densely populated areas, with some are integrated with residential areas. Some of the bongpay are still insitu, some others have been dislocated, and some of them are already dysfunctional.(left to right) Bram Luska, Etik Mahareni, Pippo Agusto, Adi Alamsyah, Ika Dewi

A number of bongpay are used as mats for washing clothes, some are even used for bridges. The stone materials of the bongpay are varies, as well as their age which range from the 18th to 20th centuries.

The expedition continues to the Mugassari Area, precisely near SMAN 1 Semarang. The team visited Bong Bunder, which was named for its round shape. Based on the provisional reading of the existing inscriptions, it is suspected that Bong Bunder was a mass burial of several Chinese people. (Pippo Agosto, Bram Luska, Etik, Ika Dewi, Yashinta Difa)

Wait for our next expedition….. 

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